• Watch football online free: Liverpool - Manchester City 3:1

    Liverpool beat Manchester City and broke away from the “citizens” by nine points.


    Watch football online free Liverpool - Manchester City 31


    In the central match of the 14th round of the Premier League, Liverpool hosted Manchester City.

    Before the game watch football online free, the bookmakers could not identify the favorite of the meeting, however, at the start of the match the “Reds" took advantage, sending two goals into the gates of the “townspeople” by the 13th minute.

    Manchester City did not manage to recover and, in the end, lost to Jurgen Klopp's wards - 1:3.

    Liverpool - Manchester City 3: 1

    Goals: Fabinho, 6, Salah, 13, Mane, 51 - Bernard Silva, 78.

    Liverpool: Alisson - Alexander-Arnold, Lawrence, van Dijk, Robertson - Henderson (Milner, 61), Fabinho, Weinnaldum - Salach (Gomes, 87), Firmino (Oxlade-Chamberlain, 79), Mane.

    Manchester City: Bravo - Walker, Stones, Fernandinho, Angelina - De Bruyne, Rodri, Gundogan - Bernardu Silva, Aguero (Jesús, 71), Sterling.

    Warnings:… - Rodry.


    Liverpool - Manchester City Live football streaming free online espn

    Problems in defense, where the central zone has to be closed at the expense of non-core performers, Manchester City disguised with attacking trump cards.

    But what works against Southampton or Aston Villa will not help in the confrontation with Liverpool. The team that Josep Gvardjola called the strongest opponent on the eve of the day that he had to face throughout his career.

    Such games live football streaming free online espn, and even at Anfield, where the townspeople cannot win 17 matches in a row, must be approached in perfect condition. Instead, Guardiola received new problems in the form of an injury to the main goalkeeper Ederson.

    Pep, of course, was invigorated, remembering that with Bravo at the gate his team also won, and the first number of the Chile national team cannot be a weak player.

    Undoubtedly, he is not such, but on Sunday Bravo began to help out after the numbers 2: 0 lit up on the scoreboard, and the statistics reminded: in the current season, Claudio missed three times with three hits on target! Although objectively it is difficult for him to make claims, and there are more questions for field players.

    Gundogan, for example, knocked the ball exactly on the foot of Fabinho, who shot the goal because of a penalty. Salahu was not able to prevent Fernandinho, who did not reach for the submission of Robertson, and hoping for a partner Angelino.